Online Keno

Online Keno

Online Keno game rules

The more numbers you pick, the bigger the prize you compete for in Online Keno. But keep in mind that the more numbers you pick, the more difficult it is for your ticket to win.

Types of cards

To learn how to play Keno correctly, you need to know the types of cards available:

Regular cards

When you play with regular cards, you select the numbers you want to have on the Keno card and wait for them to come up. Normally, you are allowed to bet between 1 and 15 numbers, but some casinos allow you to bet on up to 20 numbers with regular cards.

Combination cards

When you play with different combinations, you link several sets of regular cards in different ways to give you more chances of winning. Each possible combination you want to have will cost you a bet of one unit, a price that in some cases is worth paying for more winning options.

Split cards

When you play a split card, you play two or more games on the same Keno card. You choose two sets of numbers and split them with circles or a line. If you bet $2 per game, the total price for both sets would be $4.

Way cards

When you play with a Way card, you bet on several sets of numbers on the same Keno card, which is the most complex Keno bet. To begin with, you have to decide the number of number combinations in the groups you have chosen to bet on. Then, you have to count the bets placed according to the fractions you place on the right side of the betting field.

To find out the cost of your bet you must add up the numerators. This may seem complicated but it is not usually necessary for you to do the work as the casino staff or the software you use if it is online will help you with the betting.

King Cards

King cards are a variation of Way Cards. The difference is that in this game you select one or more numbers as “King numbers”. The “King numbers” are surrounded by themselves and have a special significance, while the rest of the numbers are surrounded in groups.

Payouts in online Keno

The house edge in online Keno is usually higher than it is in other casino games, so if you want to win money, you need to optimise your playing strategy.

Land-based casinos have fairly low payout amounts, so the payout to the casino is usually between 18% and 35%. In both Video Keno and Online Keno, as they have lower payouts, the prizes that can be offered to winners are higher, with the house edge being approximately 5%.

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