Slot machine quiz: Wild Water

Slot machine quiz: Wild Water


We are gently awakened by the sun’s rays at dawn, allowing us to prepare our surfboard to start our day. It’s as beautiful in the sea and more so as the Swedish creators at NetEnt have painted it for us. As good surfers we are, the beach is our home and the waves are our brothers and sisters. While other people lie boredly on a hammock, we prefer to do so and balance on a kind of board that rests on the water and is pushed by the force of the sea. Together we are surfers as a family, a family that loves the sun, the sea and good vibes.

This slot machine takes you back to the California of the 60s, with a clear surf aesthetic and a soundtrack worthy of the Beach Boys, the symbols are the main characters in this story of sun, sea and surf. With their sixties-style swimming costumes and their Californian aesthetic of boys with long hair, boxer shorts and characters with afro hair, the symbols are the protagonists of this story of sun, sea and surf.

The best

  • Very good payouts.
  • For those of us who don’t have a holiday it makes us feel like we do.
  • Sculptural boys and girls in swimming costumes.

The Worst

  • Graphics could be improved.

Technical Features

The presentation itself gives us a very positive vibe. We find ourselves in the middle of a beautifully crafted beach, which a slot machine has taken over. Who would have thought it possible? Now we see on the reels of the machine with six men and women in beautiful bikinis and a clear 60’s aesthetic. They seem to be acting like models from a surfing catalogue. Beautiful idea: The symbols of the surfers are a third of the size of the other symbols, sometimes they fill the height of the entire reel, so aesthetically it is original and very visual. We liked this approach from NetEnt, as few slots present the graphics of their main symbols in this way.

You will soon see the wooden signs on the slot machines, located on the sides of the reels. There is a number from 1 to 20. What can this mean then? As an experienced player, you’ll know immediately that it’s about the paylines. NetEnt equips Wild Water with 5 reels and 20 paylines where you can bet up to 10 coins. Multiplied by the 20 paylines gives you a maximum number of 200 coins, the value of which can be up to 10$cents. So we have to make a maximum bet of $20, which is very little, okay, but more for life on the beach also unnecessary more. It’s not about money, but about the way of life.

If you wish, NetEnt also offers you the possibility to play Wild Water, wherever you want, as it is completely mobile and available to play on your mobile devices and Smartphone. The autoplay feature ensures that you can continue uninterrupted with your win, even if you’re distracted by a dolphin or starfish, a very useful feature if you want to win some extra cash, but just want to keep an eye out for bronze on the beach.

Bonuses and Payouts

We know what you can expect from a cool and entertaining game, and you can even earn some benefits. We can, therefore, assure you that even though the betting ranges are low, Wild Water ensures substantial and frequent wins.

One of the best symbols in the game is the wild symbol. Yes, we are referring to the quintessential predator of the sea, the shark, often wrongly portrayed as evil. But, in reality, sharks are not so bad, they even coexist quite well with people and they will play an important role in this game, as they also help you to get wins and take them home. As a wild symbol, it completes a winning combination by substituting for other symbols. Don’t worry though, because you won’t be eating any surfers, we’ve got you well trained.

As for free spins, you will be able to enjoy in Wild Water a lot. You can spin with the surfboard for a few extra rounds when three scatter symbols appear, which in this case is represented by a surfer riding a wave. The good thing: the wild symbol, spread out on the reels and takes you completely to ride a wave. So you can win even more

After all, we all know that high stakes lead to high profits. Wild Water always pays best when you see surfers on the reels. If 5 surfers appear on the reels, there is a win of 20 times what you bet. If this happens, and all 5 different surfers appear, then the bonus jumps to X200 and the win can be up to $4,000!

James Kee

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